By Halimat Shode

(Twitter @Halimat_Writes)

Nai’ma B Roberts is the South-African best-selling author of the critically acclaimed book, From my sister’s lips, in which she discusses her conversion to Islam and the stories of many other women’s journeys into accepting and practising the religion.She has also authored numerous multi-cultural children’s books and YA fiction titles including Boy vs Girl.

She is  the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of SISTERS magazine; an international lifestyle magazine dedicated to ‘Fabulous Muslim women’ !

She shows how perseverance and dedication to in one’s life can lead to life-changing results.


In this video, she talks about the obstacles behind starting SISTERS magazine, but ultimately, how trust in Allah kept it going.


My favourite quotes to take away from this video:

“If you are not investing in yourself, you are depleting yourself. You are not an infinite body of water ! You have an end. You have to be fulfilled.”

“You have to be replenished to be that wife/mother/sister/daughter/co-worker you want to be.”


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